Selah’s Awesome Cloth Diapers

Megan |

I decided to cloth diaper because my sister had done it and I knew the benefits. Then my friend Jackie introduced me to AIO (all in one) cloth diapers…where the absorbent part is attached to the waterproof cover. Jackie also introduced me to Smart Bottoms AIOs which are organic cotton and so stinking cute (no pun intended). Lucky for me I got most of my stash using gift cards from my baby showers!!! But unlucky for me I got addicted and purchased many many more. Smart Bottoms releases exclusive prints and then retires them making the cutest prints hard to get your hands on…making it VERY addicting. In my defense, these diapers seem to really hold their value! On the Smart Bottoms Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group I see used diapers selling anywhere from $12-$60 dollars which were originally $30/each! Holy crap! -again no pun intended! People go crazy over these diapers, especially if you have a rare print that has been retired. Meaning I can probably make back 40-50% of what I paid if I keep them in good condition. Sounds good to me!

Also, laundry hasn’t been bad at all! Better than I thought! But I am only breastfeeding now so the poo really isn’t super stinky. But I am not scared!

Update: The real poop is no big deal!

I wanted to write this blog so Selah could always look back at her fancy coveted poop catchers! Haha! Here are pictures of all of the diapers we have!

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