Selah’s First Road Trip to Illinois

Megan |

Josh and I were very nervous about the long 7.5 hour drive to IL with Selah, who had never been in a carseat longer than 1 hour (twice). On top of that she didn’t seem to like the carseat or car! She always cried bloody murder! We thought this road trip would be filled with crying tantrums to get her out of the seat and ultimately take us 9-10 hours!

Selah is a very high maintenance baby, theres really no other way to put it! She likes to be held, entertained and rocked to sleep…CONSTANTLY! So needless to say we were pleasantly surprised when Selah was a DREAM BABY on the trip! She played with her toys, watched her iPad, drank milk, looked out the window, fought sleep with some crying fits and then fell fast asleep. She must have loved the white noise of the car and the bumpy ride because she slept a lot!

Selah got to spend time with Mamaw, Papaw and GiGi. She also met Nana and Papa, Leah, Uncle Valley, Cousin Izzy, Kala, Great Grandpa Don, Great Grandpa Wilks, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Denis,  Aunt Tricia, Uncle Daron, Landon, Miles, Cathi and everyone at Bethel Lutheran Church!

Selah was so tired every night after playing all day and being entertained that she literally slept 9-11 hours every night! She was so tuckered out!

Oh, and little Selah had her first tooth break through in Illinois at Mamaw and Papaw’s house!

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