Selah is 18 Months Old!

Megan |

She is 1 and a half!!!! This little love bug is perfect in every way. She is tall, petite, and full of hugs and kisses. She is a pretty active gal, climbing everything and running all around. It’s been pretty busy around the Chandler home while we are preparing to move to Illinois this month and Selah has taken it in strides. Every day she makes us more proud! Here is a list of things that she can do now!

  • Say’s her name: Sah-Za!”
  • Has about 10-12 words
  • Has become a picky eater
  • Tippy toes everywhere
  • Climbs on everything
  • Imitates everything
  • Loves dancing and music
  • Still rocks her scrunch face
  • Loves the Bounce Patrol and the song “baby shark”
  • Kicks a ball with skill
  • Has great comprehension, understands a lot
  • Still cries to all lullabies and sweet songs
  • Tries to imitate a lot of  words
  • Loves being outside
  • Clingy when inside the house, and would run run run far without looking back if you put her outside in grass
  • Loves the splash pad
  • When she sees kids she wants to hug and kiss them
  • She loves the phone
  • She knows how to swipe through videos and press play
  • Knows what she likes!

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