Selah is 22 Months Old!

Megan |

T minus 2 months until we have a two-year-old! This sweet monkey has grown up so much! She has gotten so tall and smart! This girl is just soaking everything up like a sponge!

Selah loves to be around her family and is enjoying her new home, room, and play areas. She loves her Mamaw and Papaw whom she asks for frequently and gets to see more too! Here is a list of things she can do now.

  • Talks so much! Know and can say most simple words.
  • Can imitate most easy words
  • Still loves to dance
  • Loves cars! And driving in her car!
  • When she sees a car outside the window she says “car! car!…! car!”
  • She knows trucks too
  • She says “weeeeeee! weeeeeee!” When riding in the car.
  • She loves to turn on the Mother Goose club song/video “riding in my car” and then simultaneously get in her car while watching the video. Then she jams out!
  • Says “cook” to ask to go play on her kitchen
  • Loves the mother goose club: driving in my car, head shoulders knees and toes and if you’re happy and you know it
  • Takes good care of her baby dolls and loves them up
  • Can tell you some animal sounds
  • Comes and tells you when she pooped
  • Starting to take interest in the potty
  • Laughs when she farts!
  • When she sees the Blues logo or hockey on the tv she says “bomp, bomp, bomp!”
  • Know hot/cold and says it.
  • Understands simple emotions and says happy
  • Says “yucky” when she sees her poop
  • Has great receptive language-we have had to start spelling things out!
  • Loves playing outside
  • She is a lover And gives lots of hugs and kisses
  • This girl loves her papaw. She doesn’t just settle for seeing mamaw on FaceTime she immediately asks for papaw!
  • Runs everywhere instead of walking
  • She’s a skinny -minnie! Hard to keep #s on her bc she burns it off so fast
  • She will literally run laps around the kitchen table or house -over and over and over.
  • She sings along with songs. Especially the song about liking yummy foods and them mixing them together which make them yucky!
  • Her favorite food is tomato pasta, sliced cherry tomatoes, and mandarin oranges
  • Also breakfast is her favorite meal
  • When she drinks cold water sometimes she will hold it in her mouth and play with it (swish it around). Be careful bc sometimes she will spit it out!
  • Brushes her teeth and her babies. She knows to spit too!
  • Has gotten to play in her first snow and daddy pulled her on a sled
  • Anytime we get ready to go somewhere she thinks we are going to church and says “church, church”
  • Says “min” after prayer when we say amen
  • Helps clean up her toys while we sing the clean up song.
  • Had been known to be very type a when putting toys away making sure they are tucked just right in the toy box
  • Loves helping mommy with laundry and putting clothes in the dryer
  • Loves brushing her teeth and will brush her babies teeth too!
  • Says “up…down” while simultaneously popping up and squatting down
  • Brings you a fake food item or cup and says “bite” or “drink”
  • Swings her baby and spins her around high in the air and says, “weeeeee!”
  • Started screaming “MOM!….MOM!”

5 thoughts on “Selah is 22 Months Old!

  1. Every picture made me smile. Shes grown so much, and her personality shows through in every picture. I love this little bug. ?”Min” ???

  2. I love love all the blogs of watching her grow! She is sweetest, smartest little girl! Me and Papaw love her so much and have so much fun with her! ?
    We will always play motor boat even when she’s grown, ?‍♀️ ?

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