Selah is Two!!!

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Selah is TWO! Two years ago she came into this world and changed our life forever! Daddy and I are just smitten. On a daily basis our conversations surround her and her beautiful face and sweet-sensitive-spunky personality. My mother used to call me her love child and I wonder if it’s because I was like Selah. All this sweet girl wants is kisses and hugs and someone to spend time with. Selah is a petite little two year old who is so smart! And I’m not just saying that because she’s my kid! She knows her ABCs already, can identify the letters, most colors and can almost count to 10 with a little help! She can identify numbers too! She also knows many animals and animal sounds. She’s putting two words together and making new sentences every day! She loves to run and climb! Sometimes she will just do laps around the house yelling, “RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING!” 

Selah’s favorite food is pasta, burgers, fruit, tomatoes, tacos, cake, cookies, cupcakes, and PICKLES! She would eat pickles for dinner every night if you let her. Guys! This parenting thing is hard, because Selah does have a mind of her own. But it is SO MUCH FUN! We thank God everyday for this precious gift. Happy 2nd Birthday to the sweetest little girl Selah Ann! 

Here’s a list of things Selah can do now!

  • Knows her ABC’s
  • Identifies most letters
  • Counts to 10
  • Identifies all numbers to 10
  • Knows and identifies animals and can make their sounds 
  • Knows most colors and can identify them!
  • Has a huge lexicon
  • Puts two words together -more every day
  • Loves singing and filling in the words she knows
  • Asks you to sing specific songs 
  • When we pray every night she bows her head, folds her hands and says Amen!
  • When hockey is on TV she says “Blues! Hockey!”
  • She will also yell “BOMP, BOMP, BOMP” when she sees any STL Blues logo!
  • When the Blues score a goal she runs back and forth to mommy and daddy giving high fives!
  • Loves running
  • Loves cars
  • Loves trucks
  • Loves taking care of her babies! She rocks them so sweetly 
  • Pushes her highchair up to the table and says “eat!” 
  • Asks to watch things on tv
  • Asks for “more” or “some”
  • Asks for ice in her drink
  • Says “weeeeeeeee” when on a car ride
  • Loves cooking in her kitchen and asks to go cook all day
  • Loves her ball pit 
  • Still in diapers but almost ready to potty train bc she will tell you when she’s gotta go. 
  • Loves climbing the stairs 
  • Loves family hugs 
  • Asks for hugs and pulls you in tight and makes a sound when squeezing you
  • Randomly gives you kisses ?
  • Loves her mamaw and papaw so much 
  • Engages in all kinds of imaginary play! 
  • Knows up/down, in/out, all gone, more, inside/outside, 
  • Knows what the sun is, rain and trees
  • Loves being outside and going on walks-hard in the winter!
  • Tries to pretend like she hit her head to get your attention! 
  • Loves a challenge
  • Loves to pretend she’s going night night
  • She will ask you to sing twinkle twinkle for her and rock her. 
  • Selah is happiest around a lot of people! 
  • She loves being the center of attention

4 thoughts on “Selah is Two!!!

  1. What a beautiful note to your sweet girl..she will someday look back and know just like your Momma did, she is your love child.
    You and Josh are loving parents who take the time to notice all the beauty of this precious 2 year old.
    What a joy to have been near while you were pregnant for Selah. You were on top of the world. You gave all Glory to God for this divine life!
    She brings joy to al who know her. Her very name makes me pause, reflect on my own Joy’s and gifts from a Gracious Lord!
    Thank you for sharing are never far from mind, always in my heart. With love to you and your beautiful family..kisses..hugs. Selah

  2. I’m so in love with this precious girl! She is so smart and her personality is so sweet! She has a mommy and daddy that are wonderful and teaching her so many things! I adore every minute Im with her!! Papaw and I love you so much Selah Bug! ?

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