Selah Is 2.5 Years Old!

Megan |

Hey sweet girl! Selah you blow our mind with how tender, sweet, sensitive, girly, smart, precious, and polite you are!

  • She’s a talker! Selah can talk in 3-5 word sentences and it’s pretty complex.
  • Takes good care of her babies. She rocks them, sings to them and kisses them a lot.
  • She specifically loves Blue Baby
  • She Loves sharing experiences with Blue Baby
  • She pushes Blue Baby on the swing, has it ride a bike, brings him for dance parties and cooks for him. If she’s excited about going Blue Baby is the first thing she asks for.
  • during sweet lullabies or gets upset if mommy fakes to cry.
  • Likes jumping
  • Know ABCs, colors, counts to 20, and emotions
  • Loves hide and seek
  • Says “I love you! Best ever!”
  • Loves singing Happy Birthday!
  • Says Happy Birthday to you daily (
  • Loves being outside
  • Loves the park, of course
  • She tried to play music Friday m the HomePod and adjust the volume (hey syri turn 20)
  • Love going to mamaw and papaws house
  • Loves going to GiGis house
  • Love music and dancing, she knows so many songs and will request them frequently
  • She can do a a summer-salt
  • Loves the park! Slides and swings! Blue baby has to go and most time she has to push blue baby on the swing or make sure he has fun before her. She also like s swinging when blue baby swings in the swing right next to her. She will make sure you push him too!

Some cute things she says and does

  • “I fink so” (I think so)
  • “Come with me” (meaning can I come with you)
  • I love you
  • “I’m sweepy”, she lays down and pretends she’s asleep then bounces up and says, “cancakes!”
  • She can pray the evening pray with us really good, “My body and soul and all fings.” I love how she folds her hands and presses her eyes so tight!
  • She puts her hand up to her mouth and fakes a throat clear and says, “scuse me!”
  • She can sing happy birthday really good and loves blowing out candles
  • Selah loves talking nonsense words back and forth with Papaw and Josh. It’s hilarious!
  • She loves pretending she’s selling you ice cream from an “ice cream truck” and loves exchanging money and giving change.
  • Says “going skool”
  • Scared of bugs, she will loose her mind if a fly lands on her!
  • Will hug you and say, “best ever!”
  • Loves playing airplane with daddy and flying all around

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