Selah Is 3 Years Old!

Megan |

Selah is 3 years old!!! Every time we look at her beautiful face we thank God for her. Biblical scholars think that Selah means to “pause and reflect”. Today and everyday, we pause and reflect on the gift God has given us, by giving her to us. WHAT A GIFT!

She is so special to us and has turned our world upside down and inside out. She has made us tap into a love, beauty, sacrifice, joy and satisfaction that we never knew existed. Selah is the best ever! Happy 3rd Birthday Selah!

Selah, mommy and daddy love you so much! There isn’t anything we wouldn’t sacrifice to do for you or give to you. When we thought about having a child we never dreamed that you would be so perfect, beautiful, and sweet! You are the center of our world and life! We are so proud of how much you have grown and learned. Thank you for giving us joy every day with your funny facial expressions, witty personality, and cute demeanor. You are growing so fast and daddy and I wish that you would slow down at times but it is so much fun to watch. We love you!

Selah really has it all; she is smart, funny, sensitive, outgoing, beautiful, empathetic, creative, hungry to learn, generous and so loving and sweet.

Selah‘s language has exploded!

It’s hard to keep track of all that Selah knows, does, and says but here is an attempt.

  • Selah has a very large vocabulary! And who knows how many words this little girl knows!
  • When I’m reading to her at night she will ask me what words mean that she doesn’t know and then she will use them.
  • Her sentence length has no limits!
  • She loves telling stories about things that she did through the day and she will make up imaginary stories about her toys or things that her babies did.
  • She knows her ABCs and can identify letters
  • She’s starting to learn sounds and words with those sounds
  • Knows her colors
  • Knows her shapes
  • Can count to 20 and identify the numbers up to 10 
  • Knows and understands simple emotions
  • Knows and understands boy and girl
  • Uses plurals, pronouns and prepositions
  • She spells her name!

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