Selah’s Third Birthday Party

Megan |

Selahs 3rd Birthday theme was a Peppa Pig Dance Party per her request! Mamma bought some awesome dance lights and created an awesome dance playlist to jam out to. The food was pulled pork (not ironic), cheesy potatoes, cole slaw, beans, Mac and cheese, broccoli salad and more. Selah and Izzy danced their heads off!


  1. GiGi 
  2. Mom
  3. Dad
  4. Tricia
  5. Daron
  6. Landon
  7. Cathi
  8. Valley
  9. Sharon
  10. Dennis
  11. Tara
  12. Alicia
  13. Mamaw
  14. Papaw
  15. Miles
  16. Izzy
  17. Marge

Selah loved the party! She even asked for the cake and opening presents. Before everyone sang, she knew what was about to happen and asked for her Peppa Pig hat!

A HUGE thank you to Mamaw, GiGi, and Tricia for helping with the party!

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