She’s a Big Girl Now!

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Selah, now at 3.4 years old, has transformed from a toddler to a little (BIG) girl overnight!

Potty Trained
She is potty trained! The weekend of May 21st 2020 we started really pushing her to go on the potty. She has gone on the potty before, but refused because she was scared. That weekend mid May was CRAZY. She was having a hard time accepting the change but ultimately made the decision that she could do it! And once she did she went on the potty every 3 minutes because she was so excited. After Selah finally accepted it mentally she NEVER had an accident during the day, and since then has only had two night time accidents. This girl — she has to mentally prepare and be ready but once she does, she’s golden! She wears big girl underwear now and does it all by herself (except for wiping of course) without reminders!

BIG Girl Booster Seat
Selah has also transitioned from her highchair to her booster seat for meals!

BIG Girl Bed
Tuesday June 7th with out any prompting Selah decided she was going to sleep in her own bed and that “I am not scared anymore”. I took her up to her toddler bed and she laid down with her babies, requested her favorite “sleepy song” and I tucked her in. She slept through the night! When she woke she was so excited and said “I didn’t even call you”. When asked if she wanted to sleep in her bed again she said “yes, when the sun goes down” and last night she slept in her bed again with no trouble!

Here’s a list of Selah updates!

  • Selah can pedal her tricycle!
  • She is a talker! Her language skills are great!
  • She loves Peppa pig and playing with figures
  • She is great at imaginary play
  • She loves being outside
  • Favorite games are Tag and Hide and seek.
  • She still loves a good dance party!
  • She is a social butterfly and loves being around family and friends (hard during this COVID pandemic)
  • Loves jumping in puddles
  • She still loves cooking in her kitchen and taking good care of her babies
  • Favorite foods: pasta, cheese burger, cupcakes, mac and cheese, cookies, fruit, french toast, and cake (of course). Selah also likes raw veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers. And she LOVES pickles and olives!
  • Loves juice and fruit flavored soda water
  • She is excited to go to preschool soon (hopefully with this pandemic). She has even told us “I go by myself” “you stay here” She will wear her backpack around and pretend she is going to school.
  • Loves watching Peppa Pig and Ryan’s toy review on the iPad.
  • She’s still not a fan of watching long movies-she would rather engage and play.
  • She is a lover! She will hug you and kiss you! She will cup your face with her hands, look in your eyes and say “I love you so much.”
  • She loves to cuddle! And will say “snuggle” to request it.

We are so proud of our BIG girl!! She is the BEST EVER! But she will forever be our baby girl.

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  1. So sweet! Selah is doing awesome. She’s like my five year old where she’s not into watching movies for a long period of time 😍

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