Selah Started Preschool!

Megan |

On August 19th, 2020 Selah started preschool at Good Shepherd Lutheran School, which is part of the church that we are members of! She goes twice a week half days. The morning of her first day she was so excited and kept asking to leave even though it wasn’t time yet. 

We got there and she just walked inside with a teacher and didn’t look back! Mommy cried! It was very weird leaving her there. We both wanted to just wait in the parking lot until she got out!

We feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that she is getting out of the house for some socialization. She is learning so much and was so ready! Now every time daddy pics her up she tells him, “I had a good day!”

Here are some pics of her first day and other pics they have taken of her since she started. 

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