Christmas 2020

Megan |

We had a great Christmas! We jumped on the Elf on a Shelf bandwagon! Selah named her new Elf Jacey. Jacey had so much fun surprising Selah and Selah loved it!  Her favorite was when Jacey made a hopscotch for her with blue painters tape. 

Selah got a 4 story doll house that she can use her Barbie dolls in! She loved it! Selah also got a ton of new games for a game closet. 

Santa Claus (papaw) came by GiGis house this year! He brought Selah her suitcase she asked for! Selah was scared of him but Izzy pushed Selah straight up to him (Izzy was scared too)! We all had so much fun watching the girls react to Santa. 

Here are some pics from this holiday season!

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