Selah Finished Preschool 3!

Megan |

Selah learned so much in Mrs Hills 3’s class! She started school shy and scared to participate. But after some time she got comfortable, she made friends and had so much fun.

Enjoy this Selah interview:

  • What do you love? – “chocolate”, “mommy and daddy”, “mamaw and papaw”
  • Where do you like to go? – “a restaurant with a play set and some food there” and “McDonalds”
  • What is your favorite color? – “purple”
  • What is your favorite food? – “pasta”, “turkey sandwich”, “cheeseburger”
  • What is your favorite restaurant? – “the brewery”
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? – “a singer”
  • What is your favorite thing about school? – “Jesus” and “I love playing with Mrs Hill, so does Ede and Lila.”
  • Who is your best friend? – “Lila, she’s my best best friend, so is Izzy”
  • What’s your favorite thing to do outside? – “Bicycles and tag”
  • What’s your favorite toy at home? – “Gymnastics bar”
  • What’s your favorite movie? – “Elsa”, “Fancy Nancy”

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