Why Selah Will Be Baptized

Josh |

At some point within the next few weeks, Selah will be brought to the font to receive Holy Baptism. That is, to be baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection (Romans 6:3-6). We wanted to write a post to share why this is so important to us. We believe that scripture speaks of baptism as a…

Selah’s songs

Megan |

Daddy and Mommy love to make up songs for our chunky monkey and she loves them too! I wanted to write them down so that we could always remember them! Chunky Monk Song She is my… chunky monk, chunk monk, chunk She is my… monkey chunk, monk chunk, monk She’s my chunky monkey, monkey chunky…

Newborn Selah

Megan |

Little baby Selah is so adorable and so are some of her mannerisms. We want to write down some of these things so we always remember how she was as a newborn. They say they grow so fast, and to soak it up…so that’s what we are doing. The adorable things she does today may…

Selah’s First Bath at Home

Megan |

Selah LOVED her first bath at home. Initially she cried in response to the water but then immediately she calmed down when I laid a warm wet wash cloth on her. She looked shocked and then relaxed and pooped! Haha! Gosh we love this girl!