Newborn Selah

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Little baby Selah is so adorable and so are some of her mannerisms. We want to write down some of these things so we always remember how she was as a newborn. They say they grow so fast, and to soak it up…so that’s what we are doing. The adorable things she does today may be gone tomorrow as she grows.

Sounds: She grunts like a pig when eating and squeals like a baby dinosaur when stretching.

Faces: After she nurses she gets what we call “milk drunk,” her eyes get sleepy, they sometimes roll in the back of her head, and she smiles like she is so content and the happiest baby.

Mannerisms: She sleeps with her hands up above her head or by her face and blows bubbles. If startled when sleeping she quickly raises both hands above her head with fingers spread out. Her little legs are always tucked tight and scrunched up…it’s hard for mom to do diaper changes or put clothes on her because she rarely relaxes them straight!

Loves: Selah loves to eat, sleep, take baths, sit in the ring sling with mommy, dance/move around while being held, be held by mommy/daddy, walk around the house with mommy/daddy, music, white noise, and lights.

Dislikes: being cold, hungry, having a dirty diaper, being alone, sitting still, diaper changes, and clothing changes.

Nicknames: baby dinosaur, baby dragon, girly girl, baby say, saybae, chunky monkey.

TMI: Selah would always go extra pee pee or poo poo when mommy opened her diaper to change her! So mommy had to get water proof changing pads and have very good reaction time and make sure everything stayed clean!!! Some times Selah had some gusto behind it! Haha

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  1. This is precious! With the pictures if her and all the details I can picture her doing all these things. Which is great since you don’t live here anymore and who knows when I will get to meet Selah. Love y’all!!

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