Selah’s First Birthday Party

Megan |

For Selah’s  1st birthday party we had a Sesame Street ELMO themed party! We drove back to Pinckneyville, IL and celebrated with all the family. The party was at GiGis house and we had family fly in from California, Texas, and drive in from Nashville, TN! All to celebrate and meet Selah! Here is a list of everyone who came!

  1. Mommy
  2. Josh
  3. GiGi
  4. Mamaw
  5. PaPaw
  6. Uncle Valley
  7. Kala
  8. Cousin Izzy
  9. Uncle Wes
  10. Mallory
  11. Aunt Sharon
  12. Uncle Dennis
  13. Richard
  14. Cindy
  15. Rick
  16. Jonathan

Mommy went overboard with decorations! Elmo and the crew where everywhere in sight! Mamaw made Selah’s high chair decor and an awesome Elmo banner with ribbon! GiGi and Mamaw cooked yummy food we all enjoyed. Auntie Rachel even made some personalized Sesame Street signs, Elmo party favor coozies, and a big Elmo face for decoration! We had Elmo, Oscar, and Big Bird platters and an amazing cake! Selah liked everyone singing Happy Birthday to her but she was intimidated by the cake! She got so many gifts but she was more excited to be with everyone and play all night long!

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