Selah is 14 Months Old!

Megan |

Our little stinker! She is always on the move! We can’t believe how fast the baby stage slipped right from under us-she is such a toddler now! But we are enjoying how she has developed the cutest personality! Here is a list of things this lil girl can do now!

  • She is a lover! She loves giving kisses and hugs!
  • Even gives hugs and kisses on demand!
  • Runs all over the place! Loves being chased!
  • Love to dance! She is always ready to bust a move!
  • Loves to squeeze behind tight spaces
  • Love food, snacks and her sippy cup
  • Says Mama/Dada functionally
  • Lots of variegated babbling and vocal play
  • Gestures when “talking”
  • Swats food away when she is full
  • Understands a lot of short phrases/sentences and will do what you ask
  • Started liking sleeping in her crib!
  • Started to “hit” or push you away.
  • She loves exploring, she will sneak away to other rooms and you have to chase her!
  • Still love Elmo/Sesame Street
  • Loves having snacks in her little spill proof container so she can eat them by herself
  • Loves drinking cold water!
  • Loves kicking balls and is very good at it!
  • Loves throwing balls and rolling them back and forth with you!

2 thoughts on “Selah is 14 Months Old!

  1. I truly love received good these pictures. She has such a great personality. Sending love.

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