Selah is 15 months old!

Megan |

This girl is 15 months old! She is so grown up! Time is flying by, we just can’t believe it. Selah has the cutest personality. She loves giving kisses and hugs, dancing, and looking at books. We think she has great rhythm. Here is a list of things this lil sweetie can do now.

  1. Climbs on, in, over, and in-between things
  2. Likes squeezing in tight spaces and has been known to get stuck.
  3. Getting two more bottom teeth in and she hates teething
  4. She has been caught teething/chewing on our wood coffee tables
  5. Loves frozen fruit
  6. Has been to the pool and splash pad
  7. Drinks lots of water from her sippy cup
  8. Drives a Mercedes
  9. Says Da Da for fun to get her dads attention and play
  10. Only says Mama when she’s crying and in dire need
  11. Babbles like she’s chatting you up

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